About HyperStream

HyperStream is a new school club for students who want to be involved in creating fun and interactive projects that have an impact on your school and/or community - while also interacting with business professionals and learning how to use cool technologies!

Top 10 reasons you should join!

  1. Pursue you passions and interests! **
  2. Have an impact on your community and/or your school!
  3. Work with teams of friends and new friends to create cool projects!
  4. Learn directly from the experts - professional mentors from the worlds of business, technology and marketing!
  5. Real world experience - hands-on projects and product development!
  6. Competitions and contests!
  7. Job shadowing, field trips and potential internships!
  8. Learn about or have access to cool technologies!
  9. Network in a Virtual MentorPlace!
  10. Learn about a wide range of career opportunities in the world of technology - some of the highest-paying jobs out of college!

Goals of HyperStream

  • Develop, test and implement a technology-based project to benefit the community, school, or school district
  • Create roles for all interests and skill levels
  • Interact with Ambassador, Teacher Champions, school administrators, and community to implement project
  • Participate in club demonstrations, guest speaker presentations, and/or field trips
  • Learn from professional mentors about new technologies and potential careers in technology

**This club is an opportunity for all students, no matter your interests! Whether you like music, sports, fashion, game design, entertainment, medicine, engineering, architecture, history, the environment, agriculture, or have other interests, THIS CLUB IS FOR YOU! Own the project, learn from real experts in business, technology, and marketing, and find out how technology really impacts your world!

To learn more about the program visit the HyperStream website for more info.