Game Design

Our group learned a lot while working in HyperStream. We used the gaming engine, "Alice" to create our game. Recent events in school and in the comunity compelled us to begin to create a game dealing with the subject of bullying. The game we made is desgined to test decision making skills in a situation invoving bullying. This game is meant to target the younger generations and help them innately know what the right thing to do is in a bullying situation. In our game, the player views a bullying situaion and chooses between two different options of deciding what to do to deal with the situation. Diffent levels of the game present diffeent challenges and situations the player must deal with. Ultimately, you will be scored on how well you answered the questions and if your score is high enough you will win!

A screenshot of some of the game's programming.

An screenshot of the game. A second screenshot of the game.

Mobile Development

We developed mobile applications using X code for Apple products. It's a very basic application that introduces the user to information about the Science Center of Iowa.

A screenshot of the development enviroment the students created the mobile app in.

Various screenshots of different pages in the app.

Cyber Defense

We're learning how to protect computers, networks and the information that resides on this equipment from attackers. We're also competing in the IT Olympics!

Web Design

The Hyperstream web design team created this website and learned how to code in html and use CSS. This team utilized the software Aptana Studio 3 to code the website and took on a hard-coding approach. The first steps this team took to create the website was to come up with a list of what the site needed to accomplish. This includes the tabs and the content itself. After deciding that the team took to styling the actual website. They had over 3 iterations to get to the current site. In order to design the website members used their photoshop and illustrator skills to create the layout on the computer. Once the design phase was over the actual coding began. All of the members met via skype to chat with each other and also build off other members' skills. The website is still a work in progress and will constantly be updated thougout the course of the Hyperstream Club.


We developed a video tour of the Jordan House in West Des Moines, Iowa. The video tour presents the history of the house and background of James Jordan, an abolitionist who helped with the Underground Railroad. We took photographs of the house and various artifacts and used Windows Movie Maker to develop a movie. Using the sound studio at Valley High School, we recorded the story of the Jordan House history. We researched background music from a royalty free website and added it to the video. The video tour should promote more visitors and volunteers at the Jordan House.